The Library Project: Volunteer Stories




“My process of collecting books started from neighbours since I thought it appropriate to ask them before going somewhere else. Since I’m not a resident of Lucknow so, I went up to my friend’s neighbour and explained her about our project that our library project is targeted to collect as many books that can help your organization in providing education to the unprivileged. I told her how much help she will contribute by giving the books. She happily gave her books and helped me.”



“When I got into Colorss Foundation and was assigned to collect books I had planned that the book manufacturing units around the city is mainly to be targeted on. And I was very much successful in that for now as I was able to collect 200 odd notebooks in span of 2 weeks. All I did is with the help of my dad, friends and through internet I noted down the bulk book manufacturing industries around my place, and took a print out of the Colorss Foundation brochure and the sheet that was sent to me saying that I work under Colorss.

I made them aware of the objective of Colorss Foundation and the importance of books to the children for their education as many couldn’t afford books around the country. Luckily for me the people in the manufacturing unit were very much supportive and they were kind enough to provide me 100 books. Hoping to collect a lot more books in future. Hope this helps out the needy ones and I am happy to be part of this project as it is for a social cause.”



‘Since the beginning of my internship I was pretty much excited. I was assigned the job to collect books for small children, from class 5th to 10th. With the help of my friends and social media I have been successful to collect 100s of relevant books. The books I collected are mainly story books, English books, children magazines and dictionaries.

I mainly targeted school and college people and also some book shops and convince them that instead of throwing these books we must donate it, so that we can help those under-privileged children those who can’t afford these books. With the help and guidance from Colorss Foundation, I had this privilege to work for this social cause. Expecting and hoping to collect more and more books.”



‘I started collecting books from the people who live nearby and my neighbours as well as my friends. I went up to my friend home and elaborated her about the library project. I told her that your organization’s aim is to provide education to those who can’t afford it and her contribution will help a lot. She happily contributed for the library project.’


Junisha Khatri – Lucknow

I approached the donor through my friend who lives in Indira Nagar. I went to my friend’s house who took me to her neighbour. I told her about the foundation and the great cause for which this foundation is working for. She was very delight to hear that and was eager to give books for the underprivileged children. She gave me 3 books but promised me to give me more books in the future.’

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