The Library Project: Books for the Children



When it comes to learning, books are treasure chests that offer up enormous gifts. Books help young readers attain basic speech skills, they help boost their logical ability, and they play a huge role in developing communication skills. Books enhance a child’s concentration and sense of discipline. Whether they are story books, or they contain academic texts, general knowledge, basic skills or hobbies, books aid us in every sphere of our lives. Thus, reading is a skill that children need to develop at an early age to enhance their quality of life.


Considering the enormous benefits of books, Colorss Foundation has organized a book donation drive with the objective of setting up libraries at schools in Pune and Baroda. The books can be either in English or in Hindi and are targeted at children ranging from 5th to 10th grade.


Unfortunately, not all children are so lucky as to have access to basic amenities like quality education. For such underprivileged children, reading good books is a luxury most of them can only dream of. Colorss Foundation asks YOU to help transform this dream into a reality for them by just one humble gesture – donating your books!

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