Volunteering with Colorss Foundation

Volunteering with Colorss Foundation


Colorss Foundation uses a blend of art, sport and technology, to give women and children much needed life skills and enhance their self-esteem and confidence. The goal of the organisation is to empower women and children to go on and make a positive impact in the world on their own terms. Why not contribute to this cause?


In a competitive market with scarce jobs and unstable global economy, volunteering remains one of the best methods to impress employers or build a platform for self-employment. Employers and potential clients are looking for people, not only with qualifications but also real – world practical experience. Sometimes, volunteering is just that last step you need to take to land a job that will change your life and future.


Why volunteer?

  • It enables you to learn valuable new skills, gain experience and make contacts
  • It enables you to develop yourself for a subsequent job, by gaining experience in team work, project management, leadership and social interaction
  • It is great for emotional health and morale
  • You will feel good about contributing to a worthwhile cause


What can you do as a volunteer?

Why have you decided to volunteer? Is it to meet new people and make contacts; to learn or try something different or simply to offer something back to the community? If you are able to answer at least some of these questions, Colorss Foundation will definitely find something that matches your needs! Till date, we have helped many volunteers find a role that suits them, which they enjoy.


We offer volunteering possibilities from four weeks to fifty two weeks depending on the time you wish to offer. Although we welcome volunteers on a short-term basis, we are particularly interested in those who are willing to work for a longer term. Long-term volunteering is beneficial to Colorss and to you. The longer you stay, the more skills you gather. Long-term projects also enables us to collect data and create suitable records for you in the form of a certificate of job reference. In addition, some skills and professional work are served solely for long term projects, such as research and teaching.

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