How Your Business Operations Can Assist Us


donation4Corporate volunteering puts your organization at an advantage; volunteer work can be used to develop staff skills, foster great team-working among employees and improve staff communication skills. Not only will corporate volunteering increase your reputation within the country in terms of your corporate responsibility, it will also bring greater brand awareness. Knowing that you are willing to assist the underprivileged members of society, consumers will naturally develop a greater degree of trust and loyalty towards your products and services. Voluntary work helps those in need, and it serves your organization too.



The most profound impact corporate volunteering has on staff is on their attitudes, productivity and job satisfaction. A study conducted by Good Companies, Better Employees (Tuffrey, 2003), demonstrates the following:

  • Employees give their company a higher rating in terms of it being an ideal place to work
  • Staff experience higher levels of job satisfaction
  • Employees speak more highly of their employers, raising the profile of the company as an ideal place to work
  • People who participate in volunteer activities are more likely to stay with a company and work up the career ladder than those who do not



Deloitte studies show that two thirds of people polled said that given the choice, they would prefer to work for a company that offers volunteer opportunities.


Research demonstrates a direct link between corporate community outreach programs and increased revenues. Many corporate organizations are now developing their volunteering initiatives in line with their missions and core values.


91 percent of Fortune 500 HR managers believe that volunteering business skills or expertise to a non-profit organization can further develop an employee’s business skills, and 56 percent say that this kind of volunteering is encouraged as part of their company’s development and training program (Deloitte, 2008)

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