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Testimonials for Mission 1000

“Why can’t I learn self-defense – Is this age specific?”. This was the response of an interested 70 year old woman and after the sessions, she said, “I learnt so many things from the session. For me the most crucial was body balance, breathing and how to maintain proper body posture. The techniques taught are easy and effective. I will pass this knowledge to my daughters as it is important at all ages. At my age, I need to be self-sufficient to defend and raise my voice.”

– Hiraben, Baroda 2015

After these workshops, I feel a lot more confident about myself and this is evident in my body language. Men can read my new body language and keep a distance. I find it easier to travel alone and be independent. With an improvement in my overall well being, I enjoy studying.

Razia , 17 years old Pune. 2016

Soon after I finished this workshop, my parents had a fight and when I shouted at my father, he backed off seeing my aggressive behavior and body language. This was the turning point for me in realizing how much this workshop has helped me. I was surprised myself, but am proud of the confidence with which I can stand up for myself and others. I am training my mother too.

Kalpana Ramesh Patil, 16 years old, Pune 2016


Every rupee counts. In order to expand the scope of Project Mission 1000 and reach out to more schools and cities, the Colorss foundation needs more funds. If you want to help 1000 schoolgirls every year equip themselves with skills that could one day save their lives.

Where your money goes – The workshops are managed with minimal expenses. Your funds are used for operational expenses such as refreshments for the participants, print certificates, communication expenses, collect data and transportation for trainer & volunteers. For an in-station 6 day workshop, all we need is Rs 30000 to train a group of 50 girls. Contribute to our cause and join the journey to teach self defence skills to women and girls from marginalized communities, empowering them to live a life of dignity and equality.

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