Colorss Corporate Ambassador Program

THE PROBLEM: Colorss Foundation is on the look-out for corporate leaders of India who are willing to become the evangelists of social change. The new breed of social entrepreneurs has much to offer to organizations such as ours, and vice versa.

THE PROGRAM: As Colorss Ambassadors, corporate leaders can make a difference by creating awareness of the foundation, organizing fund-raising programs, promoting Colorss as a partner in in-house and corporate events, assisting in the sale of our products as Corporate Gifts, encouraging others to volunteer for Colorss, assisting in research projects and promoting Colorss on social media platforms.

THE IMPACT: Colorss will provide these corporate leaders the opportunity to become a Colorss Ambassador in their corporation. At the same time, the corporate leaders can help in taking the organization’s goals a step ahead by giving it the much needed financial support. Not only that, but by promoting the missions of our organization, corporate leaders will help in inspiring so many others to join us in our efforts.