Mission 1000

Background – According to recent NCRB reports, around 93 women in India are raped every day and we don’t want our girls to just end up being a statistic. We believe that learning self-defence is the first step to independence. It empowers them to step out alone and take important life decisions, such as, choosing careers which could involve late hours and/or a lot of travelling.

Objective – Mission 1000 is a project that aims to empower young girls (from grade 7 – 12) through specially designed self-defence workshops by boosting their confidence and giving them the strength and skills to protect themselves against sexual attackers. As in its name, Mission 1000 aims to train and empower 1000 girls every financial year.

What do we do – We hold 6-day self-defense workshops to teach girls how to defend themselves using 5-9 self-defense techniques. Gradually the intensity of the workshop increases as it helps to improve their endurance and builds stamina. Two Three weeks after the first training session, we follow up with a second module. This assures the girls that it is a long-term process and we are equipping them with skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

If we notice that a student is particularly skilled in martial arts, we recruit her to coach more girls because we ant our project to be sustainable.

Embracing Technology – How we are changing the situation through technology -Our main goal is to create an impact which stays for a longer period of time. The positive impact of the project was observed when the girls from our workshops trained their mothers and sisters. Also, technology is being used to achieve our aim. We have designed and developed Quick Self Defense application for android phones. This is a standalone application, which means that you only need to download it once. Internet connectivity is not required to run this application. This application teaches the user 9 self-defense techniques and is available in more than 18 languages.

Social Impact – We started in 2014 with 140 girls. By 2015, we had trained 385 girls. And by 2018, we have The program is currently operational in two schools at Pune.

In 2018 we have trained around 750 girls. The programs are held at different locations, schools based on sponsorships received for training the girls.

The Road Ahead – We are building up trainer base that can help reach out to more community. ‘Train the Trainer’ will help bring the availability of the girl trainers who can be employed and as well these girls will provide training

Achievements – Project Inspire

 5 Minutes to Change the World, a global social impact challenge aimed at improving the lives of disadvantaged women and girls in Asia Pacific, is co-organised by Singapore Committee for UN Women and Mastercard. The challenge saw 270 entries from across the world, with ten projects emerging as finalists to present their ideas live in Singapore at the Grand Finals.

Mission 1000 was one of the finalist.

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