The Meaning Behind the Colorss Logo


The Colorss Foundation strives for positive change in society, the kind of change that builds self-esteem and a sense of dignity in the marginalized population of India. We work to create social change projects that enhance quality of life and bring an end to the cycle of degrading poverty for people living in urban slums. Our logo is a reflection of our social change model.

The Colorss Foundation logo is based on one of the critical elements of the organization’s projects–self-sustenance. That is, we work on empowering people to take care of themselves and we ensure that what they learn is self-sustaining. Our projects build skills that help a community to flourish, skills that nurture entrepreneurial spirit and that can be passed along to others, as well as down through the generations. The design approach is in the concept of a tree, which symbolizes growth, well-being, self-sustenance and individuality.


Anand Koti, Founder of the Colorss Foundation says this: 

“A tree, once its roots get settled, can grow into a strong entity that plays its role in the ecological interconnection of the natural world. We see human beings in the same way. In the design of the Colorss logo, you can see a human being growing from the nourishment of our programs, and the leaves symbolize the opportunities that are now accessible to a once marginalized individual. The earthy colours represent calmness, purity, good and prosperous living.”

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