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Colorss Foundation is a registered trust in Vadodara (Gujarat) working towards the mainstream integration of marginalized sections of society, especially women and girl children, through self-sustaining projects that focus on psychological, social and professional training and rehabilitation. Founded in 2008, Colorss Foundation has worked over the last 10 years with people from marginalized sections of society to uplift them and make a differentiated and sustainable difference to their being. Over the years, our main goal was and continues to be to empower women and girls from poorer and under-privileged sections of society by equipping them with skills and confidence, that allows them to live their lives with dignity and security.

Our Vision and Mission


To create an equal world for women and girl children from under-privileged communities.

Anand @Billionth Explaining the Vision


Our mission is to run high impact programs which strengthen women and girls at both a physiological and psychological level, unleash their potential, nurture their skills and empower them to build and live a productive life with security and dignity.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of UN Women, we are focused on ending violence against women. We have observed that our campaigns, which primarily focus on physical and psychological strengthening for women, lead to opening the doors to economic empowerment for them as well. This in turn has been instrumental in women playing a larger role in decision making, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Our Founder

Anand Koti

A professional martial arts expert, Anand Koti holds a 2nd Black Belt in Karate and a Green Belt in Kobudo. Anand firmly believes that lack of and limited access to education, resources, infrastructure and facilities is a key barrier to uncovering the true potential of our country’s children. Driven by a deep desire to create a positive change in Indian society, especially for empowering children and women and adding colours to their lives, Anand leveraged his passion for martial arts to start the Colorss Foundation in 2008.

“The 2001 earthquake in Gujarat that killed more than 19,000 people made me realise that in case of a natural disaster, it was women and children, the most vulnerable groups, who suffered the most. So, I decided to help empower them and make them self-reliant through various skill development workshops”, says Anand. From the time he founded Colorss in 2008, Anand has personally trained over 600 women in self-defence. With Colorss Foundation, he is on a mission to impact the lives of more and more women and girl children from marginalised communities.

A graduate in Industrial Psychology from MS University (Vadodara), Anand Koti holds a double Masters in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management from Bhavans College of Communication and Management (Pune) and in Health & Hospital Management from Symbiosis Centre of Health Care (Pune). Prior to founding Colorss Foundation, Anand worked extensively at a grass root level in many community-oriented projects.

Our Supporters

  • Dr Pavitra Rajan – Dr. Pavithra is from Mumbai, India. After working for two years in India as a clinical physiotherapist, she went to Canada in 2008 to pursue her Master’s in Kinesiology, specializing in gerontology and community-based rehabilitation. Dr Pavitra is also a PhD in Physitherapy from Australia. She has been working in the field of community physiotherapy, education and research for the past 7 years, in India as well as Canada. She is currently involved in many projects with the United Nations Online Volunteering Program and works on international projects from over 12 countries. She is especially interested in community-based rehabilitation/research, orthopedic and musculoskeletal rehabilitation/research and cost-effective intervention delivery for rural and remote communities.
  • Management Schools – As a NGO working in rural areas valued for implementing innovative social sector approaches, we partner with multiple business schools (SPJIMR Mumbai, MIT Pune, VIT Pune, Symbiosis, Manipal, MDI Gurgaon) in providing their students an opportunity to work on live social projects.
  • Prem Piyush – A Technical Architect by profession, MCA and PMP certified, Prem has over 15 years of experience across Web and Mobile Technologies, CMS Frameworks and Blockchain. He currently works  and lives in New Jersey, USA. Deeply motivated by Anand Koti’s dedication to empower the underprivileged with the right skills and knowledge and enable them to realize their capacity, Prem felt an instinctive sense of wanting to partner and contribute. An integral part of the team at Colorss Foundation, Prem provides technical expertise and guidance for all web related projects and also sponsors all related expenses.

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