Colorss Youth Leadership Program

THE PROBLEM: The youth of our country today are losing touch with the ground-realities that are plaguing our society every second of our existence. As the future of the nation, they are the ones who need to take up the responsibility of making this country a better place for every individual. To do so, would involve gaining grassroots experience in community services.

THE PROGRAM: Colorss Young Leaders Platform aims to build effective future leaders by inculcating the knowledge and social, emotional and leadership skills of young people. This program plans to train young leaders in implementing social change projects in society and to use their experiences to drive the Foundation’s projects. The participants would need to commit a minimum time of one year to an assigned Colorss Foundation project.

THE IMPACT: Through this platform, Colorss Foundation hopes to expose the younger generation to the efforts of Colorss Foundation and generate empathy within the generation to the difficulties faced by the underprivileged sectors of society, especially women and children and cultivate in them the desire to help these sections.