The Colors of Life

THE PROBLEM: India is plagued by child labour, with children being forced out to work to earn a livelihood, or placed in the position of having to take care of their younger siblings. In India, the school colors-of-life-7drop-out rate (around 50% below 8th grade) is a result of this deeply disturbing predicament.
THE IMPACT: To date, all these activities have resulted in improved communication and interpersonal skills, increased self-motivation and confidence. With the assistance given through this project, we see in our children an overall renewed interest in education and lower number of school drop-outs. With your help, so far we have been able to partner with 2 schools and create an impact in the lives of around 100 kids from 5th to 9th grade.
PROJECT: The Colors of Life project utilizes creative outlets such as adult-facilitated drawing, writing, computer games and translation to encourage children to open their minds and explore new ideas . This project helps to bring about a measurably effective change in their approach to education and a positive shift in their confidence levels. The program also aids in developing children’s technology skills.
COLORSS E-ZINE CREATED BY THE CHILDREN: This magazine was launched in 2011 and colors-of-life-8incorporates content created by the children, instilling in them the passion to do good work and take responsibility for their creations. These contributions foster in them a sense of pride for published work, and as a result more than 25% of the students not yet engaged in our project have shown keen interest in joining us.

FUTURE PLANS: Due to the success of this project, with further funding we intend to extend the project to cover 11th grade children.

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