Project Enhance

THE PROBLEM: The gender inequality in India results in stress, depression and lack of confidence especially among young girls who are burdened with additional responsibilities at a much younger age than their male counterparts.

THE IMPACT: Project Enhance is directly helping 107 girl students and has resulted in the following benefits:


Physiological: Better motor and cognitive skills, improved body posture and control, flexibility and stamina, regulation of breathing and better muscle fortification.



Psychological: Improved focus and discipline, better control over aggression and anger, increased trust, cooperation and responsible behavior and an overall boost in happiness and confidence.

THE PROGRAM: Project Enhance uses martial arts, general exercise, yoga, meditation and the Creative Arts (Drawing, Sketching, Dancing, Role Playing, etc.) to develop psychological and physiological strength among these young girls, and impact their overall health. The program is iterative in nature with each session changing as per the students’ progress.

Additionally, we also undertake motivational discussions, FAMILY AND CAREER
, as well as SOFT SKILLS AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS TRAINING for these young women.

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