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indian girls in classroom


Risachi is the research wing of Colorss Foundation, formed in July 2012. Physiotherapist Dr. Pavithra Rajan heads the Risachi wing at the Colorss Foundation.

Risachi has successfully completed one major survey study involving 62 subjects. This most recent study carried out on musculoskeletal health among under-privileged urban pupils in Western India, has been published in the International Journal of Management and Behavioural Sciences, IJMBS. This study resulted in Project Perfect Posture.

Risachi has three other major projects in different phases. The outcome of the research will result in the design of strategies that improve the health of the underprivileged population.

Dr. Pavithra is from Mumbai, India. She worked as a clinical physiotherapist for two years in India, after which she went to Canada in 2008 to pursue her Master’s in Science in Kinesiology, specializing in gerontology and community-based rehabilitation. She has been working in the field of community physical therapy, education and research for the past 7 years, in India as well as Canada. She is currently involved in many projects with the United Nations Online Volunteering Program and works on international projects from over 12 countries. She is especially interested in community-based rehabilitation/research, orthopaedic and musculoskeletal rehabilitation/research.