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Mission 1000

girls defense training


THE PROBLEM: NCRB data shows that 93 women are raped in India every day. UNICEF reports point to about 440 million children in India being subjected to some form of sexual abuse which leaves an indelible mark on their young minds, potentially scarring them for a lifetime. Experts agree that the number of unreported cases of harassment, assault or rape would bring the total number of crimes against women to an even higher total. With every passing day the answer to the question of whether a woman in India- young or old, urban or rural-is safe or not is becoming increasingly apparent. The answer in the light of recent events is a resounding no.


mission-1000-logoTHE PROGRAM: We aim to conduct the workshop for 6-day or/and10-day self-defense workshop depending on the donor/sponsor. The intensity and rigor of these workshops will increase progressively. The participants will learn a plethora of karate blocking, punching and tackling techniques.


THE IMPACT: Women/girls who attend the courses report much higher levels of confidence when it comes to leaving their homes without male chaperones. There is also an increase in their sense of empowerment.


One participant summed up the objective of the workshops, saying,

“It’s about standing up and saying, I can protect myself, I refuse to be intimidated”.


Physiological: Students have also reported improvements in body flexibility, shape, body control and discipline.

Psychological: Benefits of improved self-awareness, confidence and reduced anxiety.

Future plans: The aim of Mission 1000 is to reach out to, and transform the lives of at least 1000 underprivileged children and women every year. Through Mission 1000 we wish to offer free karate self-defense workshops for those who need it but are unable to afford it.