Project Uttejana

THE PROBLEM: In the present era of technology, the biggest problem that plagues the education scenario is this: the current training that our students receive in computer know-how is meagre or at times, even zilch. This can prove to be a huge impediment to their entire education process – mainly because, now-a-days, every aspect of life is unimaginable without computers.

THE PROGRAM: Project Uttejana
, which targets students from the 6th to 9th grades and the students from the junior college in Pune, is a computer literacy program that goes one step beyond the basic Computer Training provided by schools. This program aims to complement students’ current compute- based learning with Internet skills by incorporating Project Based Learning (PBL).

Project Uttejana introduces students to the Internet, E-mail Communication and the basics of the MS Office applications. Additionally, students are connected to their corporate mentors through this program.

THE IMPACT: Project Uttejana has helped to reduce the dropout ratio of students by piquing their interest in computer learning and using the Internet, which are not available to them outside school

Physiological: Students have reported improvements in body posture when using desktop computers.

Psychological: The learning techniques implemented, not only enhance technology awareness, but also promote creative learning and logical thinking, while enabling multi-dimensional learning.