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Opportunity Details
Become a fund-raiser Help raise money for the Colorss Foundation
Become an awareness campaigner Help raise awareness about Colorss Foundation in India and the rest of the world
Become a networker for corporate and government organisations Network with corporate and government organisations to raise money and create volunteer programs for the Colorss Foundation
Become a blog writer Create and maintain a blog related to the work done by Colorss Foundation to help raise awareness and draw people to the cause
Become a professional counsellor Work with women and children in need (academic qualification necessary)
Become a psychologist Conduct psychological testing on participants. A rewarding opportunity for students studying psychology
Become a teacher of vocational skills Teach new skills to women in the Colorss Foundation vocational training program
Become an english teacher Teach women and children how to speak, read and write english
Become a math teacher Teach basic mathematics used in everyday functioning
Become a science teacher Teach biology, chemistry, physics or other science subjects of interest
Become a yoga/meditation teacher Teach yoga techniques for mental and physical health and relaxation
Become a brain-gym teacher Teach brain-gym to improve brain function and build confidence
Become a leadership trainer Teach leadership skills in the context of the needs of the community
Build and manage exhibitions Procure space and manage exhibitions to display products created by Colorss Foundation in large-scale events
Create video tutorials Create video tutorials on any educational topic in connection with Colorss Foundation activities
Become a workshop co-ordinator Organise workshops on any of the following: The importance of education, body language, personality development, project based learning, drama in english language, creative games, stress, confidence, motivation and role-play



Please mention the opportunity you are interested in when applying through the Contact Us form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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