Benefits of Internship


Urja-girlsPerhaps you are someone who just wants to contribute to society. Perhaps you are studying or have just graduated. You might be between jobs. Whatever your reason for wanting to contribute, becoming an INTERN with the Colorss Foundation is a great way to make a real difference to the lives of the marginalized population of India. Moreover, it is a wonderful way to make a positive difference to your life too.

The Colorss Foundation internship programme offers you a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience, develop new skills and open your heart to others. As a charity, we regularly recruit voluntary interns to help us achieve the goals of our community out-reach programs.

We offer internship from between one month to twelve months. Although we always welcome interns on a short-term basis, we are particularly interested in those who are willing to get involved for the long-term. Long-term internships are much more beneficial to Colorss, and the longer an intern stays, the more skills they gather.

Organizations, when recruiting, are known to place emphasis on practical work experience and personal commitment. It is a competitive market when it comes to postgraduate or other professional qualifications and employers will make choices based on the quantity and quality of your experience. The Colorss Foundation offers many areas in which your education and skills can be put to use, giving you the opportunity to make your CV stand out from all the others.

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